Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance

A project of the Urban Sustainability Directors Network

In partnership with INC and C40

A collaboration of international cities committed to achieving aggressive long-term carbon reduction goals.

Cities striving for carbon neutrality recognize that averting the worst impacts of climate change will require cutting GHG emissions by at least 80% by 2050. Because urban areas account for nearly three-quarters of humanity's emissions, reaching this goal will depend in large part on our ability to reimagine and reinvent cities in ways that promote economic prosperity, social equity, enhanced quality of life, and climate resilience.

The Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance (CNCA or “Alliance”) aims to address what it will take for leading international cities to achieve these deep emissions reductions and how they can work together to meet their respective goals more efficiently and effectively.

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CNCA Innovation Fund Awards Its Second Round of Funding:

The CNCA Innovation Fund Selection Committee selected eight projects totaling $879,240 USD:

  • Capitalizing Carbon to Accelerate EV Charging Investments – Lead City: Portland
  • Thermal Break Shear Wall – Lead City: Portland
  • Bringing Renewable Thermal Solutions to Scale in New England – Lead City: Boston
  • How to Scale Corporate Renewable Electricity PPAs in Australia – Lead City: Melbourne
  • Food and Energy in a Circular Economy – Lead City: Stockholm
  • London Energiesprong Trial Project – Lead City: London
  • RealIZE: Bringing the clean industrial revolution to existing residential buildings – Lead City: San Francisco
  • Scandinavian Green Public Procurement Alliance – Lead City: Copenhagen

Congratulations to each of the awardees!  

More information about each of the above projects can be found here.

CNCA Framework for Long-Term Deep Carbon Reduction Planning

Providing municipal leaders with a detailed synthesis of the processes, strategies, practices, tools, and institutional structure used by leading-edge cities worldwide to plan long-term, deep reductions in carbon emissions.

The Planning Framework draws from the work of the leading cities in the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance and focuses exclusively on long-term and deep reductions, which require transformative rather than incremental approaches. It is intended to serve as an initial streamlined template that cities can use to take a more robust, consistent, and comprehensive approach to developing deep carbon reduction plans. It also identifies specific strategic challenges that cities continue to face in making further progress on carbon reduction.

Released December 2015

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Infographic: How Much is Spent on Fossil Fuels in Cities 

CNCA has worked with five U.S. cities to create an infographic showing how much the citizens, businesses and municipal government spend on fossil fuels every year, where it goes and what it could otherwise fund if it were instead invested in the city's clean energy future.

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Latest News

9 November 2016: CNCA Innovation Fund Awards Its Second Round of Funding

6 April 2016:  Finalists Named for CNCA Innovation Fund Round 2

21 January 2016:  Call for Round 2 CNCA Innovation Fund Proposals - LOIs Due 3 March

7 December 2015:  Governors and Mayors Commit to Deep Emission Reductions in Drive to Forge a Global Agreement on Climate

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The Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance is supported by generous foundation grants from:

The Alliance is staffed by the Urban Sustainability Directors Network (USDN) 

in partnership with the Innovation Network for Communities (INC) and C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40)